Confessions of a stalker

Hi. I have been visiting this forum for a few weeks and have learned a lot form all of you. I was so delighted to find the underground of knitting–I knew you were there! I decide to stop being a stalker and become a participant.

Thanks to FriskieKittie, I have My So Called Scarf OTN and I love it already. I also knitted my first sock and presented it, along with the beginnings of sock #2, to my sister for her birthday. She was very impressed with my talent, but I had to give much of the credit to the self-patterning yarn. Last night, I went to Group Therapy at my LYS and put together several yarns that I liked to create my own prism-ish yarn. I plan to make an assymetrical poncho for my niece with the yarn I tie together. Here are some pics: