Confessions of a Knitting Junkie

giggle I thought y’all would get a kick out of the latest proof that I might be a knitting junkie… giggle

So on Monday night, I tuned into my weekly Beefcake Opera (WWE ;)). I never get a good night’s sleep on Sunday nights, so I inevitable CRASH on Monday nights. Consequently, I freqently fall asleep about 30 minutes into The Beefcake Opera. BAD ME!!! Anyhoo … to combat this most unfortunate lapse of respect, entertainment blasphemy I tell ya, I began knitting during The Beefcake Opera. It worked like a charm …

… until Monday, June 13, 2005.

Said date marked the first time that I … sigh (deep breath) …

:oops: [color=red]FELL ASLEEP WITH MY BELOVED NEEDLES IN MY HANDS!!! AND MID-STITCH AT THAT! :shock: [/color] :oops:

I woke up because someone was at the door. Of course, I played it off. I wasn’t asleep … you just caught me mid-blink!! :roflhard:

Yeah, I hear about you junkies nodding off, holding your needles! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that unusual? ekgheiy…i thought that was normal; I’m often awakened by dh, dog, something loud just happened on tv or stereo; depending upon which one I had been listening too…
yeah…that’s very normal here :wink:

Whoo-hoo … power to knitpurl junkie’dom. :lol:

You SAID IT…my knitting sister!!! :x: this can be our ‘power’ icon…u know…like power to the people was said a lotta years ago…now it will be…" :x: POWER to knitpurl junkie’dom :lol: " and that can be our icon & motto!! Yeah…there we go…and u know what, ekgheiy?! There are way more than just us…they just won’t come out of the closets!! Bunch of babies!! But, we are proud knitpurldom junkies!!! YEAH!!!

:x: :x: :x: :x: :x: I can’t believe there are any knitting junkies in the closets. If they are TRUE junkies, their closets are too full. Needle Power!

(Who’s gonna knit the flag?)

LOL, VERY TRUE INGRID, VERY TRUE!!! We true knitting junkies have closets that look like our lys!