Yesterday I went to the Crochet/Knitting Conference in Manchester, NH. I went for the shopping and to meet someone. I bought a Hummingbird crochet hook made out of beautiful wood, two square circular knitting needles, several patterns and one hank of lace weight yarn to make a shawl with. My day was topped off as I met Jean Leinhauser at her booth. She is a really nice lady and my boss sort of. I was asked by Jean to review candidates work for the Masters Program that the Crochet Guild has. I did my first review and it was well received by her. Onto the next one. She is an excellent crocheter as well as a knitter. I have long admired her work.:cheering:

[SIZE=4]Wow…that’s really neat…I love her work and her patterns…I think I have some of her books or leaflets! I’ve seen her on Knit and Crochet Now…sounds like you had a great time and I would love to see a picture of your Hummingbird Crochet Hook!
Merry :)[/SIZE]