Concerto Shawl question

Got such great help last time that I am back again. This is a vintage pattern and assumes I know a LOT more than I do:) Tells me to K7, cable twist over next 5 sts…
What does it mean to cable twist? I found definition for a twist stitch but wasn’t sure that was it.
Thanks for the help in advance!

As far as I know it simply means to do a cable over the next 5 sts.

So knit 2 or 3 (whichever you prefer) move to back or front (whichever your prefer) then knit the remaining 3 or 2 ( depends on your first choice) and return back sts to main needle. Just do it the same way each time.

Just check abbreviations/directions to make sure that it is not stated whether they want 2 or 3 or front or back.

It could be that the background is purled and the cable stitches are knit to make a ‘travelling’ cable.

The directions should define the stitch, but if not, look at the pattern picture and see if the 5 stitches are stockinette or if a section is purled and a section is knit.