Concealed ribbing for cuff. How to?

Following a fair isle pattern for mittens. The cuff has a fair isle pattern on the outside and concealed ribbing on the inside. I don’t understand the following instruction. Please help. Turn your work inside out. The wrong side is now the right side of your mitt. You will be knitting back over the last sts knitted. When you have completed your mitt fold the cuff up so the right side is out again. I don’t get what to do.

Welcome to the forum. What pattern is this from? Are you working from the cuff or did you start at the end of the fingers. I understand how this works but explaining it is best left to someone else.

The vagaland mitt by Alison Rendall. Fortunately I have now found a you tube video where she explains it so I hope I’m sorted


That’s good. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have. I’d love to see the video, is it available to the public? Nice pattern.