Computer wizards? why does my computer revert back to what i wants to do each day?

Hi! Well, I don’t know who the heck I would ask this question to so I thought I’d try here. My Sony Viao laptop is about 6 years old now. The thing that’s weird is you know how you it’s supposed to turn off after 15 minutes or whatever you set it for and also you can close the lid and it goes into hibernation or shut down (whatever you’ve set it for)…

I set the controls (performance/maintenance: laptop scheme etc) but then the next day it reverts back and none of that works. It doesn’t turn off, it won’t hibernate when lid is closed… it’s like it has its own mind for gods sake. Weird.

Am I assuming correctly that when you go back and look at your power settings, they’ve reverted back to the original settings?

I was thinking this could be a Windoze problem, so I had a look around Microsoft’s web site. It looks like you could have a driver issue:

When you select the new settings do you take the final step and make them the [U]default [/U]settings? If you don’t, the computer will go back to the original defaults next time you turn it on.

Yes, Marria, they revert back each day, it’s nutsy.

Knitasha… I didn’t see a default setting, I’ll go check that out now. I’ve been having increasing problems with my computer, slower and slower. Would love to go out and buy a new Apple.

You are a computer wizard Marria! Can’t believe you found that… wow. I just downloaded it and am working on it to see if it’ll fix the problem. You’re brilliant.:cheering:

What version of Windows? 2000 or XP?

Slower and slower? Spy-ware or Ad-ware might be causing that or older Windows need defragmentation run on the hard drive.

Ad-Aware by Lavasoft is what I use to clean out spy-ware and ad-ware.


{Slower and slower? Spy-ware or Ad-ware might be causing that or older Windows need defragmentation run on the hard drive.

Ad-Aware by Lavasoft is what I use to clean out spy-ware and ad-ware.}

Jack… was away from the computer a few days… thanks for the advice. I have XP. My computer’s crazy. For a day or so it’ll be real slow (I had just about given up on it) then it comes back strong as can be and is fast again. I’ll check those out anyhoo. I still haven’t managed to fix the reverting thing although I did download the upgrade (I think, it’s hard to tell there are so many upgrades).

I guess you can tell I’m not a big computer person…

P.S. That’s one heck of an avatar/picture

Did you get the problem fixed?

Also-Jack mentioned spyware and viruses. I use Ad-aware also. It’s great software. For anti-virus, I use AVG. They have a free version that works great and it doesn’t slow my computer down like other anti-virus software out there.

Just use Linux, problem solved :yay:

I tend to agree with you there Mason. And whatever you do DON’T upgrade to Vista. Trust me on this one. :ick: (I have serious Vista trauma. I know whereof I speak.)


Now that you mention it. I’m upgrading to a new PC at home and am making the switch to Linux.

I think I’ll start a [U][B]thread on Win to Linux questions[/B][/U], rather than hijack this thread. If you or other Linux users can give some advice from experience, I think it would be great.



I’m sorry you’re having trouble with Vista, but I upgraded to Vista a couple weeks ago and have to say I’m soooo happy I did. My whole computer runs faster and smoother than it did with XP, and I thought it ran great under XP. Mason actually convinced me to take the plunge into Vista. :inlove:


Vista is a bad word! :slight_smile:

That’s what I thought. I purposely held on to XP for so long because of all the negative reviews of Vista, but I finally took the plunge. I did a dual boot install at first so I could test it out, and it didn’t take long before I removed XP totally.

Once I had Vista running, my computer ran [I]visibly[/I] faster. Like, “omg, that loads so much faster!” Thunderbird and Firefox load in seconds, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, even iTunes loads and runs fast which is notorious for running slow. I couldn’t believe it, and it leaves me a little confused as to why Vista still has such a bad rap. I suppose it’s because the pre-service pack version was super buggy. And you need updated hardware. My PC is custom built and pretty beefy, so it runs great for me, and I like it. Plus, the GUI is so much prettier than XP… I’m a girl. I give points for pretty. :wink:

I’m not saying that everyone should run out and get Vista, and I know some people have legitimate issues with it, but I am saying there ARE cases when it doesn’t suck. I have nothing against Linux though. I have Express Gate (a Linux based shell) that I can use before Windows boots, but I rarely do.

I’m going to be an enabler here and tell you to just go out and buy the MAC when you can.

Once you go MAC, you won’t go back.

I love mine. I am sad when I have to go back to work on Mondays to my PC.

I had problems with my laptop getting slower and freezing. We have a friend who is quite computer savvy and he suggested the fan may not be working well. I bought a supplemental fan to set my computer on and it worked very well for over a year and then started petering out again. It turns out the supplemental fan was faltering. We’ve since replaced the laptop but have kept the old and hubby plans eventually to go in and clean out the interior of dust and see about putting a new fan in to see if that helps.

Vista! haven’t even heard of that! oh boy do I want an Apple… what fun with those pictures and videos & well everything looks like fun on them… believe it or not I still haven’t fixed the problem.
Today I did a bunch of disc fragmentation or whatever and clean up, I now have McAfee instead of Norton…

when I downloaded the upgrade to take care of my power options, lo and behold it is not in downloaded files. Never. I did it a couple times. it’s weird. PLus all the ‘themes’ that used to be there under power options are now GONE. well it’s so boring. I’m going to go download again and try all over. Funny about that fan being mentioned, my computer was getting real hot a month or so ago and now it’s not. will get back to you and also take a look at Vista!

Windows 7. pardon me. :teehee: hiss hiss

A Microsoft OS by any other name smells just as crappy! :teehee: