Computer (specifically IE) question

Does anyone know why only certain pages like and would suddenly start looking like this for me? This started within the last 2 weeks. I get no graphics…nothing but links.

I’m no expert but I would recommend switching to a new browser such as Firefox. It has lots of features and regular updates that Internet Exploder (uh, I mean Explorer) doesn’t have. My husband won’t let me use IE at home and when I use it at work I don’t like it.’t

You may have inadvertently turned off the `load images’ option somewhere in the user options. Check those.

I would suggest Firefox as well. I prefer Safari, but there are videos and maps that I can’t use/open when I use it. Firefox will open them, though.

I agree with the others regarding Firefox. IE is far too unsecured to use on the web.

As for the actual question, I also agree that one of your settings is preventing images from loading.

It must be something with my computer. I just installed firefox and CNN displays the exact same way. I’m getting miffed. I want my daily dose of!

Funny…this link displays perfectly fine for me, as do most web pages in IE. CNN and MSN do not.
I hate computers.

Wanted to thank cdjack and Mason for their replies as well. :slight_smile:

If you’re getting the same thing using Firefox then you need to check you’re other settings. Firewall, anti-virus, etc.

Are you using Windows XP? Vista?

There are a number of settings related to internet in the control panel that you can check. Obviously something is set to block the images.

Or maybe you have popups disabled? Usually that’s for the stuff that pops up after the main page is loaded, but you never know…

I was too busy working earlier to mess with it, but just now I opened up Firefox and installed the “missing add-ons” for Firefox. Now CNN loads properly for me! Yay! I don’t know if I’m even going to bother trying to fix IE. I just might like Firefox better. Thanks, everyone!

Ah, flash. Yep that’ll do it. Glad ya found it. Screw IE it really is trash.