COMPUTER ?: how to set viewing of video clips

I can’t think of the right title! but I used to be able… when clicking on a trailer of a film (usually at New York Times) I could choose between Real Player and Windows and then with one of them
sorry to be so obtuse, I think it was Real Player, I could enlarge it to the whole screen.

Now, when I click on a trailer there is on option. It opens in a small window and it has to stay that way. Is this a choice the New York Times made (I doubt it) or can I go somewhere to choose which device to view trailers with? I’ve been looking and looking but as usual I can’t find the answer so I end up here! ha

Well, I know a lot more about Linux than I do Windows, but it could have something to do with the format they are using. Perhaps they’re using flash? You may not have any choice about it.

Thanks Mason! Ithink that may be it coz in other places I can choose and see videos on full screen. Maybe just the NY Times format, yeah.