Computer Advice Needed

My father e-mailed me today wanting to know what he should do…renew his Office 2003 or buy Office 2007. I have no clue what to tell him. Any ideas? I know Microsoft isn’t something everyone prefers, but it is what he uses. Thanks!

He does have a 3rd option and that would be to install OpenOffice for free.

But if he just has to have the M$Office, and does a lot of stuff between himself and other people he should probably upgrade as M$ is notorious for changing formats so as to force businesses to upgrade.

Curious…why does he have to renew his license? Once purchased, I thought you owned it for good. :scratchinghead:

Once you buy the package, you do own it. When they come out with an updated version, people that have the last version can download the newer version (it will cost, but now as much as buying the 07 version at the store). Did I explain that correctly?

The newer version will have newer features. The version that he has will still work. I would advise him to wait (if he wants the new version) until they get all of the bugs out.

Office 2007 is [I]very[/I] different than Office 2003. Many people will be starting from scratch learning stuff, and he may not want to go through the learning curve again. However, I’ve been using it at work for about 2 months now, and I’ve finally gotten through the “Argh! Different is bad!” phase and am now in the “Hey, it’s actually easier to find stuff” phase.

ETA: I agree with Nathalie, why would he have to renew? If he bought it, he bought it forever. Why does he think he has to renew?

He had a trial version of 2003…which is why he has to renew. Sorry, didn’t mention that in the original post. Thanks for all of the information!

I love OpenOffice. This is an excellent suggestion.

Here’s my $.02 on Open Office. It’s okay for basic stuff, but if your father is going to be receiving documents from people, or if he’s going to be sending stuff to others who have MS Office, then he may want to consider purchasing MS Office. I work at a school where we have both, and the people with Open Office often have trouble with spreadsheets not displaying properly. There just doesn’t seem to be the advanced functions available in MS Office.

Oh, and if he does go with 2007, he should think about setting his save as format to 2003. Many people don’t have the new version yet, so if he were to send them his docs in 07 format, they would not be able to open them.

What is the price difference? 2003 is not that old, but I guess it would depend on the price and how bad he wants it.

I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE office 2007! They have essentially moved absolutely EVERYTHING on there. I really need to go find my 2003 office suite so i can reinstall it. It takes me far too long to do stuff i can usually get done in 5 minutes on 2003. blah!

I totally agree with you Nathalie. I had the same experience with sharing files between openOffice and MSOffice users, it’s really not great.

It depends entirely of how much and why your father uses it, and how quick he can learn a new software. :shrug:

So office 2007 is that different from 2003??? :?? I was planning to buy it… maybe I’ll stick to openOffice and Microsoft Works for now.:rollseyes:

I heard it’s possible to share files between Word and Works, is it true?

Yes, 2007 is VERY different! It has more of a Mac look to it. Menu options are moved around and even called different names.

What you would probably have to do, on the Word end, is do a File, Save As, and then select Works as the format. I can’t find Word on this computer at the moment, so I can’t verify that. But I believe that’s right.

Personally, I think that he should stick with what he’s used to, OpenOffice is fine, but it’s a completely different package than MS Office. For some, that’s a good thing, for other’s not so good. The real question is can he still lay his hands on a copy of office 2k3? If not, then I’d suggest trying OpenOffice, as Mason mentioned it’s a free download, otherwise upgrade to 2k7.

I’m afraid my 69 year old dad is too…how can I put this…set in his ways to deal with major changes. Windows XP almost set him in orbit. I think after all of your suggestions that 2003 is the way to go. Thanks! :thumbsup: