Complicated type of increase

I’m planning to make the Red Heart Isle of Aran Throw, and I’m baffled by this bit of instruction: “inc-4 = (K1, p1, k1, p1, k1) all in next stitch—4 stitches increased.”
What does this even mean? My best guess is that I knit the stitch, but keep it on the needle, and then purl in the back and knit in the front and purl in the back again and knit in the front again, all in that same stitch? Is that even possible?
I’d be grateful for any insight!

This may be part of the bobble. You have the right idea. Here’s a video for the beginning of the stitch and you would continue for the extra p1, k1.


Thank you so much! I was hoping there was a video somewhere, but I hadn’t found it. Looks like I did have generally the right idea, except that I should do all the extra knitting and purling in the front of the same stitch. I’ve bookmarked the video - this is my first time making bobbles, so wish me luck!

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