Completely OT - who sings that song?

Do you guys know that song, I think it’s called “funkin for jamaica”. you know, it goes “i feel it, inside my soul, let it get into you, jamaica funk, that’s what it was, let it get into you, too”. I did a search for it on Google and Itunes, but I get several group matches. I downloaded one, but it’s like a mellower version of the one I want. The one I want is the one you hear on R&B/soul stations all the time, it’s a bit faster than the one I downloaded (which had like 4 artists’ names in it). Since I’m on dial up and it takes a long time to download a song AND I actually get my songs legally by paying for them, I want to make sure I get the right one before I download again.

Anyone know what I’m talking about?

Could it be this one? :?? I’m afraid I’m not really familiar with the song. :shrug:

The original Funkin’ for Jamaica was released by Tom Browne in the 80s – it looks like the most recent release (June 2006) is by Soul Village.

Good luck – it can drive ya crazy looking for the right version of a song, and I can’t imagine doing it with dial-up! :wink:

Thanks, guys. :hug: I think it can’t be any new release from 2006, cuz the version I know I’ve heard over the radio since I was a kid. So I thought it would be the Tom Brown version I downloaded. But reading the amazon link you guys gave me, seems like there are at least 4 versions for just him. sigh

Could it be the Chaka Khan version???

you know, from the voice i thought it was her, but she didn’t come up as a result on itunes with this song. but i think you are right, if she does have a version, it must be her. thanks!