Completely new to knitting, want to start with a pair of socks

Hi there everyone, I’m Mitch and I’m new to this site as well as knitting. I have never knit anything in my life, but have been tasked with knitting a pair of socks. I have already chosen a yarn (Zauerball, fingerling weight, 75% wool, 25% nylon, suggests #1 or #2 needles), and I am having a hard time selecting which needles to get as far as length and material are concerned. I am not trying to make any kind of fancy pattern, just some basic, grey socks for my girlfriend. Besides wool and needles obviously, is there anything else I’m missing that I would need? Also, does anyone know of a guide that introduces knitting through making socks, as I was unable to find anything on the web. Thanks so much for all the help!

You probably want wood DPNs (double pointed needles) because they won’t slip out of stitches as easy as metal.

Or you may want a circular. With circulars you can work on both socks at the same time so you do the same thing to both socks. Work a side of one sock, switch to the same side on the next sock. When you turn both socks are turned. When you start a heel flap it’s started on both so you have the same number of rounds.
I suggest this method or else take a lot of notes when making the first sock.

DPNs work as stitch markers. I’m not sure if you can get away without stitch markers with circulars. I imagine you can for basic socks.
A small crochet hook will help in picking up any dropped stitches.
You need a large blunt needle for top down but there is a way to pull the yarn through to graft the toes with knitting needles.

I don’t know of any learning to knit by knitting socks guides, but I know people who have only ever knit socks. Knitting Help has videos to learn to knit (this is where I learned) and we’re here to help.
There is

I’d ignore the suggestions on whether to knit top down on DPNs or 2 on circulars toe up. If you want top down on circulars you can read through the methods to get the idea and follow the top down or toe up pattern no matter what type of needles it’s for.

Is this a Christmas task? I think that will be a large task to learn to knit and make socks with fingering yarn in a little over a month. It’s not difficult, just a lot of stitches with fingering weight.


Thanks so much for all the info, I really appreciate it! The link you sent me is exactly what I was looking for, I just need to learn how to cast on and purl for this one. I decided to go with double pointed needles as they seem a bit simpler than the circular, and the easiest tutorial on the link uses them. It is a Christmas project, but I have until early/middle January to get it done, so hopefully I’ll catch on quick haha. Thanks again for all the help!