Completely new to knitting in general

hi am new to knitting in general an was wondering if someone could help

Welcome to Knitting Help!

You need to be more specific. What are you having trouble with? Did you already watch the videos?

i already watched the video but i am having trouble with the steps

And i am also having trouble with the long tail cast on

How are you having trouble with the long-tail cast on? Are you unable to do it? Or are you casting on but are unhappy with how the loops are forming on the needle?

If you’re having trouble following the video, you might search for some written instructions with images to help you out. Here’s one such article with images (scroll down to see long-tail cast on):

If you’re casting on but are unhappy with how it looks, all I can say is practicing will help. First attempts always look horrible!

yes ive been unable to do it but thank you for the article ill def look at it

You could also try doing the ‘thumb’ alternative long tail cast on, you use both hands. Put the thumb loop on the needle the same, but ‘knit’ into it with the working yarn. Or you might find the knit or cable cast on easier for a while.

As for knitting itself if your having trouble following the video you might try looking at these instructions, too. I needed written when I learned, too. Video went too fast. :slight_smile:

These have written as well as video

I love Youtube. I don’t think there’s anything you can’t learn there. I use their knit and crochet tutorials all the time. Do enlarge the videos to full screen mode. This will help you tremendously.

What parts and steps are you having trouble with?