Completely baffled by instructions


I was hoping someone can help with the following:

(it’s the left front of a baby jacket, snuggly baby bamboo dk)

:: 6th row. Purl
Work 6 rows inc 1 st at front edge in every row.
(28 sts.)
Work 8 rows inc 1 st at front edge in next and [B]every foll alt row[/B]. (32 sts.)

So, one side is the seam that will join the back at the side seam, and the other edge is the front edge, which is shaped. What does every foll alt row mean?? does that mean every second row, or every row, or once every four rows, if you count the purl rows???
I feel quite dim, but can’t quite wrap my brain around it, and my mum is away so can’t ask her!

Hope this makes sense!

Every foll alt row translates into every following alternate row which means every other row after that. Every 2nd row - each row across the needles is one row whether it’s knit or purl.

Yes, that makes sense!!!
I’ll try it and see if i don’t get the funny shape i got the first time lol!

Um, new problem…

The shape of front looks exactly right now, but now i’m worried about the increase i’m using… I’ve been increasing by knitting twice in the second to last stitch (i think it’s called a bar increase), and the edge of the knitting is getting really tight, and looks a bit bubbled, if you know what i mean, the stitches don’t line up in straight lines. (looking at the right side, the lines of stocking stitch are crooked)

The pattern doesn’t say what type of increase to use, and i think i’ve been using the wrong one, any suggestions on a better one to use??

That should be fine; the stitches will even out and the edge stretch when you block it. If you have a blockable yarn.

What did you do when you needed to increase on the purl side? I tried it with a purl in the front, purl in the back loop. And did your bar increase on the knit rows and that looked okay. You might like to stop your project for a minute and try some of the different increases offered in the video section of this site on a small swatch. What you see is what you get. If you like one, it works. You might also try increasing a stitch or two inside the edge, sometimes that makes the edge look nicer.

Thanks for the good advice, I guess i’m just too impatient! lol!
as i’ve been knitting for a while, I thought i’d just jump in and go for it, (i did do a gauge swatch tho!!!)
I think that’s what i should have done as soon as i saw there was no specific inc set in the pattern, but now I can’t face ripping out the whole thing as on a tight deadline (baby shower this week, and only can knit after work lol), lesson learned for next time I think! Before I start the sleeves i’m going to revisit the increase section and try out some of the different ones to see which i like better, and I’m going to try doing the sleeve increases one stitch in from the edge as well.

Also, the yarn is machine washable, so i think I will be ok to block it, it’s called baby bamboo and is 80% bamboo and 20% wool.

Thank you for the helpful advice!