Complete pattern frustration

I’m stuck in a knitting rut. For the past few months, I’ve knit nothing but scarves, dishcloths, and headbands. This was mostly because I did not have the needles necessary to make anything else. I recently received my Denise interchangeables in the mail, and I’ve attempted several “easy” and “intermediate” sweaters, cardigans, etc. I’ve had to stop working on them because I got stuck on pattern directions (e.g., how to do a yarn over after purling) and I don’t know how to rip my work back unless they’re just knitted stitches.

I’ve decided to try making a hat, but I cannot find any patterns that just require 16" circulars. I do not have the dpns that all patterns seem to call for to make hats, wrist warmers, leg warmers, etc. Does anyone know of such a hat pattern? I’d greatly appreciate any help, because I’m about to throw my knitting supplies out of my window! :gah:

There is a video on how to do YO’s on both knit and purl stitches in the KH videos. Look under increases. :wink:

Unless you make a pattern that doesn’t require a decreased section at the top or a seamed one you will need DPNs, 2 circs of the same size or you can do Magic Loop. Magic Loop is not as easy on Denises because the cords are fat and not quite as flexible, but it’s not impossible. You could also make the hat a little longer and then do some decreases till you would ordinarily need the other methods then just finish and have the top gathered.

Here’s a few hat ideas.

Here are two of my favorite hat patterns:
Rolled brim
Floppy brim hat

Both do require using DPNs or magic loop, though. I find DPNs to be easy.

You can find some flat patterns for making mittens, hats, and “slippers” here:

just put in “flat” in the pattern search box.

You could also do a Google search for “two needle mittens”

Kate Gilbert also has a pattern for flat mittens here:

Also, if you want to knit in the round you could use two circular needles of the same size; similar to knitting socks on two circular needles.

The problem with knitting a flat hat or mittens is I don’t think it will provide you with the new challenges you are looking for; due to the fact that knitting a flat hat is similar to knitting scarves, dish cloths, etc. with the extra added step of seaming your project close.

What you might want to try when reading your patterns is to ask yourself where does your yarn need to be for your next stitch. Like in the example you give. If you know how to purl and purl 2 together, you know that the yarn needs to be in the front for that to happen; so when you wrap the yarn over the needle you know you need to bring it forward under the needle to complete a purl or purl 2 together. Also, if you are knitting western style you also know you wrap your yarn counter clockwise to make new stitches. Just relax, trust yourself and you will soon get the hang of it.