Complete beginner

Hi! I wanted to try spinning my own yarn, so I bought a top-whorl drop spindle and about 200g of ‘dyed merino wool tops’. Where to go from here is the problem.

  1. are there any videos that show you how to spin on a top whorl (I learn best from videos)?
  2. Do I need to card/brush/whatever the ‘tops’ to make the fibres lie in the same direction?

I’m heading to a craft show on Feb 1st, so I’ll be taking it all along then to see if anyone there can help, but can anyone point me in the right direction?
Thank you!

You can find some video clips here. Smartflix has how-to videos for rent. I rented one that was very helpful. Good luck.

Merino isn’t the easiest of wool to start with. You’ll want to pre-draft it well.

  1. Do I need to card/brush/whatever the ‘tops’ to make the fibres lie in the same direction?

Top should have all the fiber in the same direction already! That’s the difference between a ‘top’ and a ‘roving’. all you should have to do is gently tug on it until it is about pencil size in diameter

The ‘park & draft’ method is a great way to learn spindling.

There are videos at and IIRC they’re all (or almost all) done on a top whorl spindle. Though top or bottom whorl, the drafting methods are the same.

I definitely agree that if you can’t get the hang of it right away, try to park and draft. That way, you get the hang of drafting without worrying about the spindle spinning the other way and dropping, it’ll click and you can do it while the spindle is turning no problem.

wait! so roving doesn’t already have the fibers going all the same direction? I thought it did. now I’m confulsed.

Most of the fiber in roving can be aligned parallel but it is not always perfectly aligned like top would be.
I think a lot of folks use top/roving interchangably when selling.
I don’t worry about it too much!

Thanks for the help guys!