Complete Beginner Needing Help

Hello, my name is Matt and I’m glad to be here. My Grandmother gave me a bunch of old Susan Bates needles because I’m wanting to learn how to knit since I’ve quit drinking and she just crochets. I was wondering which size needles I should start with and which size yarn?


Is there something you’d like to make whilst you learn?
A scarf or lap blanket for your grandmother perhaps?
It is not vital to choose a pattern but when I learn something new I like to have a project or goal of some sort to aim for. There are heaps of free patterns available online if you wanted to look for one.

Then, if you have a pattern you would use the needle size given in the pattern, and either the yarn suggested or a similar weight yarn.

If you want to just start I would personally opt for a 4mm needle with a DK (double knitting) yarn as these are quite easy to work with.

Congrats for the abstinence and the uptake of a fab new hobby.
Loads of help and support here any time you get stuck.

Welcome to KH!
Knitting is a great method of relaxation and stress relief aside from just plain fun. At the end you wind up with a hat or a scarf or a sweater.
You might even consider going up to 5mm (US 8) and worsted weight. That’s what I use to teach.

Welcome to the Forum and welcome to knitting - I’m betting you will find the same satisfaction knitters benefit from all over: feeling the wonderful texture of the yarn in/on your fingers and then the magic of seeing that yarn become fabric right before your very eyes…

Please visit and ask questions as often as you like (i visit most days before work and never leave without learning something new, either about knitting, or about how kind perfect strangers can be.

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Hi, Matt. Congrats on your achievement! I’m glad you’ve joined us. This is an enabler group so you’ll get lots of help developing a new, good habit.

Will you be buying yarn locally or online? If locally (I think this would be best if you can) then the stores that carry yarn will greatly influence your choice. If you have a Walmart nearby that carries yarn and want acrylic (easy to care for, usually holds up well to ripping back to try again - ask me how I know) I’d suggest looking at the Mainstays brand. I like it. Red Heart Super Saver has been a staple for me for years but recently I read there’s been a decline in quality. Whatever yarn you choose I think a light, solid color without a lot of texture is good. Lighter colors allow you to see your stitches more easily.

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This is an excellent point. Working with black is the hardest of all. I’m OK knitting with anything which is not black. I agree in general a light or mid tone is more easy to see than a very dark one.
Working with a colour you love is part if the enjoyment though for me. My son loves bright multicoloured things and I love working sweaters in bright contrasting stripes, it adds another level of joy.

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Hi Matt. I am John. I found Knitting Help back in about 2008 when my wife said I needed a hobby and then my mom brought me crochet hooks and a few knitting needles.

Come back with any questions or just to read and see new ideas.

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