Complete beginner knitter, pattern help

I have just finished “shaping the raglan’s” on a pattern and now I am supposed to shape the neck and I am confused about what to do. Does the pattern mean I am to knit half a row and start knitting on another needle halfway through! ? Won’t my stitches fall off? It’s doesn’t make a lot of sense. Can someone please explain in layman / complete beginner terms? This is my first knitting project. Thanks again!

Good for you for launching into a sweater as your first project. Pattern reading gets easier as you do more of them. You’'ll often come across directions like these for the neck and shoulders on sweater.
Turn as you would at the end of a row. If you have a rubber band or a cork you could block the pointed end of the left needle so the unworked sts don’t fall off. That assumes that you have a 3rd needle of the same size to continue with.
There are 2 other possibilities. You could leave the sts on the left needle and continue with the directions using that needle. The sts that ate sitting unworked on the left needle will just stay there as you work the following rows. If you keep the sts on the needle, it may help for the first row or two to place a marker where you turned so that you don’t miss the gap and knit across onto those held sts.
If you want, you can slip the sts from the left needle to a stitch holder.

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Thank you! I don’t want to be beaten by the neck now I have gotten this far with the back and front! I think the cork is a really good idea. I guess I have to just let this needle dangle from my knitting since it will be attached. So once I have done this and completed these rows it says to put the centre stitches on to a stitch holder, are these the stitches I have just knitted? Also it then says to rejoin the rem stitches I assume these are the stitches on the needle with the cork? If so how do I “rejoin” them? Thanks so much. I tried to YouTube it but I was finding it hard to find the words to search for what I wanted to look at!

When you finish with the first shoulder (K3tog) you’ll only have one stitch left on the needle. Cut the yarn leaving about a 6 inch tail and pull it through the last stitch.
Now you have only the sts that have been hanging out on the spare needle. Put the next 15sts (the ones closest to the shoulder you’ve just finished) on a holder for the center neck. You should have about 10-12sts for this shoulder depending on the size you’re making. To rejoin a new strand of yarn, leave about a 6 inch tail and start knitting with the new yarn. The first stitch may be a bit loose but don’t worry about that. You can always give a gentle tug to the yarn end to snug up that stitch.

Thanks so much I will give it a try and see how I go. It’s hard to find a rhythm in between baby sleeps and a 6 year old, hopefully I will have this sorted in time for my grandchildren!

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It’s all good experience in reading patterns. If you keep going, it will come before the grandchildren, guaranteed!

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