Compatable with Magic Loop? Help!

I am trying to make the Sweet Baby Cap by grosblog, you can view it here
It is a free pattern. It says to cast on 125 stiches. I originally found it on this website and she says she did it magic loop, but gives no details. Also, the longest cable I have is 28", will that be a major problem? Thank you for your help!

I am asking because of all the tutorial I have watched for magic loop say to cast on an even number of stiches, and this calls for 125, so I don’t know how much that will mess me up. Thank you again.

You can have one extra on one side. It shouldn’t be a problem.

Thank you.

That should be long enough to ML, and yeah, you don’t have to divide the sts [I]exactly[/I] in half. You can also try the single loop variation, if the 28" needle is a bit short.

Thanks so much Suzeeq! I have never heard of the single loop before, that is a tremendous help.