Compassionate Knitting - Burial Pouches

Hello my friends, old and new,

I haven’t been on the boards lately, so there are many new names I see. I posted a note under the knit-along forum, but thought I’d quickly post here as well in case people don’t see it over there. I just got a phone call this morning from the bereavement coordinator at the local hospital. A year ago, for a school project so many KHers here helped knit many, many little items for babies that were born too soon. It was such a moving project for me and for others too.

At any rate, she called today and said that they are out of the little burial pouches and really, really need more. If any of you have a little bit of time and some soft yarn to make one or two of these tiny, itty-bitty pouches, they would mean so much to parents who have lost their babies. Here is a pattern that I used I think there are other similar patterns out there as well.

If you are able to do this, I cannot thank you enough. Please let me know if you can and I’ll send you my address to mail them. If you look at the knit-along forum you can see the looonnnnggg but wonderful thread about the project from last year titled Compassionate Knitting.

Thank you!!

Many hearts,

I pm’ed you already. It is just the bunting you are looking for this time?

Hi Melissa,

Thank you so much! While I’m sure that the hospital will use and appreciate anything you send for the tiny babies, the bereavement coordinator said that they are out of the little burial buntings/pouches with the little tiny hood and the ties at the top and bottom. I believe it was momwolf here on KH that knit the first ones for the project last year. They must really like them and need them because I’m pretty sure that the bereavement coordinator wouldn’t have asked for more otherwise.

They are small and garter stitch so they knit up pretty quickly.

Thank you, thank you!!!


Here’s another link with a bunch of patterns. Scroll down for the buntings.

I’ll see what yarn I have to do this.

thanks for the patterns, Jan! I wonder if momwolf is still around on the boards. I believe she was the first one to knit up the pattern I posted above for the project and then some more came in also, plus I knit some. She had a great idea!

:slight_smile: kimmie (who wants to figure out how to make hearts again!)

Kimmie,I’m still here and still knitting baby stuff.I thought I had pics of the stuff I made you but can’t seem to find them:tap: Can’t even remember what I sent you:teehee: But if you need more baby stuff I will be happy to send some:woohoo: