Comparative weights of yarn

I would like to know what I can substitute for Caron Simply Soft Eco.
Can I use a worsted for this? It is to be used for a shawl where sizing is not so necessary.
Thank you!

Hi. Welcome to KH. You could substitute any yarn that will work to gauge and that would mean a worsted weight should work. Beyond that, I assume it is quite similar to SS which means that if you don’t sub with something similar your shawl will have a different drape. That might be OK. Maybe try a swatch with your chosen yarn and see if you like the way it works up in your pattern. HTH

I haven’t used the Eco. The Simply Soft is listed as a worsted weight #4. But my experience has been that it’s more like a #3 sport weight. It’s much thinner than Supersaver. When I’ve crocheted hats with both, it’s been the same hook, same pattern but ends up with a one size smaller item with the Simply Soft.

I would say use a light worsted weight yarn or a thick dk weight. I would not go with a thicker yarn unless you plan on using a bigger hook. It might come out too stiff.

Thank you so much for your answers, you are both right ,
I tried my yarn and I found it a little too stiff, so will look for a softer yarn.
Am pleased to be here and enjoy talking knit and crochet with you.:yay: :yay: