Como se diz "knitting" em portugues?

Okay, I have to write a composition for my portuguese class, so I’m writing about my favorite hobby. Problem is, I can’t find the word for “knitting.” The closest I found was “fazer meias,” and somehow I don’t think that’s right. So I thought I’d ask this international bunch if anyone knows the right word???


Is it trico (with the carrot top over the ‘o’)? I know alguhas de trico is knitting needles, so I’m just assuming.

~Sharon…fluent in spanish, swahili, macedonian, and serbian…but, alas, not portuguese.

:shock: Dang! I’m not even fluent in English yet! (Yes it is my native language) :rollseyes:


Muito obrigada Sharon!


It is trico. There is a Brazilian yarn company site that has some fabulous patterns. I’ll see if I can find it. There were also crochet patterns. :thinking: