Community Theater

This weekend, I got envolved in a play, put on by our local community theater. I’m helping with props. My husband is playing a role, which is something I could never do, but he love it and has acted in many plays before this one. I love to go and see the plays, but this is the first time I’ve ever actually gotten envolved, and I have to say, it’s pretty fun.

Has anyone else ever done this? It’s really fun.

I used to do costuming for a local playhouse where I used to live. It was really fun, but I was just out of college and they expected that I would pay for much of the costuming on my own and then still buy and sell tickets to the production. I did meet a lot of interesting people though. What a fun thing for you and your husband to do together.

I’m was a musical theatre major in college (major in theatre minor in voice) and have done a ton of community theatre work. It can be very fun with the right cast and crew. I’ve had really great times and some where I couldn’t wait for the production to be over. Depending on your community theatre there can be a lot of politicking and seniority issues. I was involved in one theatre group for a while where the same lady always got the leading role even when she didn’t fit the part. If it was the lead female role she got it. There were a lot of very talented young ladies in town who were always passed over for the lead role because this one lady decided she wanted it. She had “star complex” in that she pouted if she didn’t get her own dressing room (uh, there were only 4 dressing rooms for a cast of 40+) and insisted on having her make up done for her (which generally landed in my lap) because she was the “star” (rolling eyes)

Have fun with it. I hope it turns out good for you and who knows, someday the impulse to step onto stage might hit you! It’s happened to the best of stage hands.

My husband has been a part of the theater longer than I have, and he’s seen his share of politicking, and prima donna behavior, but for the most part, I think it’s just people who love the theater.
This is a great cast and crew. The actors have each been in several plays before, and they all do their own hair and make up, and costume. My main responsibility is to fill wine bottles with cran-grape juice or gingerale, and fix cheese and fruit trays. And keep the glasses washed and in thier place. The story takes place in one day, so there are no scene changes. It’s really is the perfect play to get someone started in the theater life.