Commercials that choke you up

Do you guys have any commercials that choke you up whenever you watch it? I do.

You know they have the series of commercials with Morgan Freeman voiceovers (I so love Morgan Freeman) promoting the Summer Olympics?

well there is this one talking about this one sprinter in the I think 91 Summer olypmics who injured himself during the 400 meter race ( i used to run it myself it’s a killer). It says, he didn’t finish 1st, 2nd,even 3rd, it cuts to him falling on the track, grabbing his leg, and his father running to the track and Morgan goes on to say he and his father go on to finish dead last BUT they finish and they show his father helping him finish the race. Damn if that commercial doesn’t make me tear up each and every time.

and it makes me miss my father who was there at all my competitions.

So which commercials pull at your heartstrings?

There’s this PetsMart commericial that kinda gets to me. It’s the one where this guy and his dog are outside and he is tossing a ball for his dog, and the ball bounces straight through the fence and lands right smack into the back of a passing garbage truck. The dog stands there and looks over his shoulder at the guy with an “awwwwwwww” look on his face, and the announcer says “You owe him.” Just that look of disappointment on that dog’s face is enough to get to me, as I used to have a dog that absolutely adored his tennis balls.

Debra in NC

Mine is for the aspca with Sarah McLachlan . Then they show abused dogs and cats. Now that get to me every time, that is the only one that gets to my husband.
It rips my heart out every time I see it.


Right now there are two that just kill me. I end up in a sobbing heap whenever either of them is on TV.
The first one is for the ASPCA, and has pictures of animals in shelters and Sarah Maclachlan (I know I didn’t spell that right). Her song “In The Arms Of The Angels” is playing in the background, and just the pictures of the abandoned or abused animals…sheesh, I tear up just thinking about the commercial!!!
The other one is for a pet food (don’t remember the name…so it tugs at the heartstrings, but doesn’t actually make me remember the product, which in advertising is not a good thing), and it has (again) a dog in a shelter. He’s laying there looking sooooooooo sad, and you hear the sound of voices and footsteps coming toward him. He runs to the front of the pen and looks out, and he’s cute as can be, but the people pass him by. He goes back and lays back down. The whole point of the commercial is that this pet food company donates to shelters all over the country to try and help animals like the one in the commercial get adopted, thus you should buy their food and help not only your pet, but other animals. For a while, they had a followup commercial to that showing a different dog, and then showing the dog from the first commercial in his new home. I bawled like a baby at both of them.
There’s just something about animals hurting that rips me up inside…

I haven’t seen that commercial, but I just teared up at your post! LOL

Mine are the exact same two as miccisue, in fact I tear up just thinking about the poor lonely dog in the pound… :’(

I cry at commercials all the time because I’m a huge baby.

There’s one for Canadian Tire that I actually have to change the channel when it comes on. Here’sthe YouTube video.

Those older kleenex commercial used to get to me. About the son that calls home and says, “I love you, mom” and the mom is sitting on the front porch tearing up.

I also tear up at that ASPCA commercial and one about polar bears starving due to global warming, too.

I try not to tear up in front of DH b/c he makes fun of me.:pout:


Yes, animals, old people, and little children hurting. I just can’t stand it.

The most recent one to get me is one already mentioned. Pedigree has a whole range of commercials promoting adoptions and how if you use pedigree they donate to help dogs get adopted.

These two are my favourite ones, the second one is a really happy ending.



David Duchovny did a great job narrating these. He had the perfect voice for them, much like Morgan Freeman’s voice, it is very distinct, and very attention grabbing. It makes you listen and it makes you [I]feel[/I].

Oh YES! These are mine too!

Right now I can’t think of one that makes me cry, but there is one that ALWAYS makes me smile:


Those pet commercials always choke me up too!!! I’m trying to think of the other commercial that makes me cry but I’m blanking out.

ME TOO! I can’t even watch that commercial anymore because it makes me start crying!

There was also a Hallmark commercial a few years ago that was played around Mother’s Day. I can’t remember the commercial now, but, it used to get me all teary eyed every time.

It’s funny to me the commercials that will get me teary eyed since becoming a mom…lol…There’s another one, I can’t remember what it’s for but the song “You Are My Sunshine” is playing through the commercial…That one chokes me up too.

Many moons ago, when I was a kid in the 60’s, there were tons of Kodak commercials that used to make me cry. I think the one that got me the most was one that had a song in the background that had lyrics “where are you going my little one, little one? Where are you going my baby my own? Turn around and you’re 2, turn around and you’re 4, turn around and you’re a young girl going out of the door…” It ends up with “turn around any you’re ______ (can’t remember exact wording here), turn around and you’re _____, turn around and you’re a young wife with babes of your own”. Every time that dang commercial came on I’d end up bawling 'cause I could never, ever picture leaving my mommy and daddy and going away from them.
For some reason, those commercials seemed to always run during “The Wonderful World of Disney” show. Mom and Dad would find me bawling and ask me what was wrong and I remember saying “I don’t ever want to leave you”.
Of course, I grew up and understood the whole thing…but the point is, I guess I’ve been a sap for sentimental/sad commercials for a loonnnnnnnnng time.:teehee:
This may make me sound awful, but I have to admit that now, it’s the commercials about animals, not people, that rip me to shreds. I guess to me, they just seem more defenseless…as Karen Carpenter sang “they have no voice, they have no choice”.:waah:

Yup, that one breaks my heart!

I second this! I have to change the channel when they come on or I will start :waah:.

The grocery store Publix always had great holiday commercials. I remember one specifically about an elderly couple making a pie or something and then delivering it neighbors, a young newlywed couple. Then the older couple takes a picture of the young couple with the pie and in front of their house. So Sweet! tearsniff*

Oh, I agree! When I would see this commercial it would make me want to find out what shelter that dog was at and go adopt him, but the good (great!) news is that he actually got adopted into a loving home! The dog’s name is Echo, and the video can be seen at:

I was never so happy as when I saw that this sweet face got a furever home! :slight_smile:

Debra in NC

Those Pedigree and ASPCA commercials get me too, as well as that Olympic one.

Oh I just remembered the other one that makes me cry, It’s funny because I don’t even have kids. It’s for insurance (don’t know which one)

Its these kids waiting for their parents to pick them up from soccer practice, and the mom picks up her 2 kids and there is one kid left and its about to get dark. She tells her kids to hurry up bc thier dad is waiting at the airport. She sees one kid left and says does he need a ride. He says no his dad is coming. She goes to leave. the voice over says all it takes is one person do to the right thing. Then it cuts to her, and her kids sitting with the last kid, with her car with the headlights beaming on them. They are all waiting for the kid’s dad.

Dang if that doesn’t make me cry. Because like when she drives away all you can think about all the bad things that could happen to him. They get you good with that one because you get all happy when she is waiting with him that you cry that she decided to stay.