Comment for all FOs

I just wanted to make a note to all of you with your FOs posted, WOW. I continue to look each day at all the different knitted items and just stay in awe of all of you. It seems it takes me forever to get things posted yet all of you seem to crank things out all the time, each and every one so beautiful!! I am not sure how you all do it, finishing so many items quickly it seems to me but I wanted to say, I may not comment on each FO posted but I do look and want to send out one big comment to all of you. All of you are such an inspiration to me and just wanted you to know how wonderful it is to see so many beautiful things hopefully one day I will get time to make. :knitting:

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Knitting isn’t a race. It’s all about the journey.
Enjoy each stitch along the way.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Oh I do enjoy it believe me, but every time I see something else posted here I wonder if I will ever get the time to try some of the beautiful things I see here. I just really wanted to praise all who post their FOs to let them know we all may look but not always comment and I wanted all to know I think every single item I have seen is just wonderful .

I know what you mean. There are so many great projects out there to get into, attempt, do, repeat, engulf yourself into.

Well, we all knit differently fast. I personally am fast with my stitches. I do not have enough time to knit if you ask my oppinion. I would really like to knit more time per day. But since I knit fast and mostly on multiple projects mixed up I do get something done.

Still: There are soooo many great projects here that you want to just be part of it.

But Lana’s comment I totally agree with: speed is not everything and sometimes I wish a good project would be with me for longer… if you understand what I mean? If I pop something out too quickly then it is like a book that is too thin. There would be more fun in it… But then… there are so many knitters here that are even faster, more experienced by far and more skilled…

Just share your projects here too and receive the cheers!

I think your appreciation is heard here, that is for sure.

Well said! :thumbsup:

I think that the “What’cha Knittin’” board is my favorite part of this forum. I think I’ve collected at least 20 patterns this year that I want to try out just from seeing other people’s FOs. It has also introduced me to TONS of new yarns. I get so nervous using something new or buying a yarn online that I’ve never actually FELT, but I really trust the opinions of the people on this forum.

Life is about ebb and flow. For a while, my life was slow…no job=more time to knit. Now, with my first year as a teacher underway and one child in college playing soccer (which I try to attend sometimes) and another one still in high school in the band, I don’t have much time to work on my projects.

You’ll get faster, but enjoy the journey.

Some people are process knitters, while others derive satisfaction in a finished project (this is the way I am).