Coming this week: more Interchangeable needle sets in our KH shop

Since Interchangeable knitting needles are a hot topic here on the forum right now, I thought I’d give y’all a heads up that we just placed a wholesale order. We will be stocking the Knitter’s Pride Nova, Cubix, and Dreamz sets! We’ll be getting them in on Friday! :happydance:

Marvelous. Just the sets though? Not singles, as in 47" Nova U.S. size 3 and smaller? If I order through WEBs can I somehow say, “Amy and Sheldon sent me!”???

GG, we plan to stock the fixed circulars too, starting with the 16" length. I’m not sure yet about the longer lengths.

They know us at WEBS, they’re actually our local yarn store! Half an hour away from us! So sure, you can tell them we sent you. :lol: But of course, order from us, if you can! (except for that size circular, which we don’t have yet.)

I’m not in a big rush to order, just that if I do I want to be sure they know you’re :wink: to blame :wink: for my order!

Rut roh.

Robs bank.



I haven’t tried that brand yet. Rut roh is right. :lol: I’m super curious about Cubix. Might like to try a single first though. hunts down my favorite needle case store link

Great news, Amy! Thanks for letting us know. Sheldon hinted that you were looking into this. It’s great to know that you’ll have something soon.

Jan: I have some of the Cubics, and I really like them. The points are pretty pointy, though, so if you use a digit to push against the point, you may find some ouchy-ness going on with them. With that said, I love mine and use them quite frequently!

I have a few sets of the Cubics (set circs). The square shaped needle shanks are wonderful!
It’s much less stress on the hands and wrists. The cords are fantastic!

I love the Dreamz set of interchangeables. I don’t own them, :pout:having invested in the KP Harmony’s few years ago. But I would go for Dreams over Harmony because the needle shanks are color-coded. Each size is a different color. Plus, the cords are superior IMO.

That’s great! I have some Harmony and Sunstruck separates and like them, but I just got a fixed KP Dreamz circular at LYS and I like it best of all! My birthday is a few months away, so I may have to ask for a set (or buy them for my own self!)

:thumbsup:Oh, good idea, jinxnit55, my birthday is next month. I can get myself a b-day present! :muah:

Good to know, thanks! I am used to super sharp points from the KP needles, but it took a while not to use my finger so much.

Thanks for the review, Artlady!


Believe me, it will take a great deal of self restraint for me not to “dip into” these sets. I can’t tell you how many Denise kits I have personally appropriated from our store. :blush:

waiting with bated breath

A question: Will the Shop here reflect the sale price WEBS currently has on some needle sets?

and another: Will you charge me Washington state sales tax? Some places do, some places don’t.

The needles arrived late Friday. :cheering: I haven’t had a chance to get them in the site yet. Amy is at a workshop this weekend, so I’m charged with entertaining the 4 year old. :mrgreen: Hopefully I will get them in the store on Monday.

I took a look at Web’s. Of the kits that they have on sale, we are only offering one in common: The Nova Deluxe set. We will be stocking the Cubics Deluxe and Dreamz Deluxe, as well as a 3 needle sampler set.

Their price on the Nova Deluxe is hard to beat, and I don’t think we will be matching their 39th anniversary sale price. We can’t really compete on price with Webs. They’re in a completely different league and business model than KH. KH is primarily a free resource and community and our shop is a way for folks who use the site to say “thanks” if they so wish. But there’s certainly no expectation.

We will be offering the needles with free shipping, like we do currently with the Denise needles.

We’re only required to collect sales tax in our home state of Massachusetts. Orders shipped to every other state/country are exempt.

Thanks for asking! :mrgreen:

I think a set of Nova needles is in my future and with free shipping you’ll come really close to what it would cost to order at the sale price directly from WEBS. I just told them Amy and Sheldon sent me in the box they provide for special instructions when I placed an order. Hope that helps you all a little. You all have helped me a lot. I don’t understand their policy of not offering free shipping like other sites do, and another place I’ve learned about here has lower shipping costs. Sometimes the shipping makes or breaks my ordering from them.

Thanks. We currently don’t have a affiliate relationship with Webs. We know Steve and Kathy, and many of the store associates know us. But their shipping warehouse is a completely separate entity. Maybe they’ll see it. We appreciate the good will and we do love Webs, our LYS :wink:

We are planning to offer their Valley Yarn lines in our shop as part of some knit kits. We have bags of Berkshire (amy’s favorite yarn right now) in our office, we’re just trying to put together the kits. These will mainly be geared towards newish knitters looking to get a pair of needles, some yarn, and a pattern and get knitting quick. I don’t know if we will be selling skeins outside of kits.

We will likely expand our needle offering later this summer or in the fall. We’re starting with a limited number interchangeable sets to feel things out. The needles that we did get are gorgeous, especially the wooden Dreamz and the novel Cubics. The Novas are great as well. We’re excited to be offering them.

The wait is over! I added the needles to the store this morning.

I haven’t had time to take our own photographs and elaborate on the descriptions. It’s april vacation at daycare this week, so it’s going to be a rough week. :mrgreen:

We’re offering US free shipping on all the interchangeable sets, Denise and Knitter’s Pride. The Comby sampler kit isn’t officially a interchangeable set, so that one does have shipping, but it only weights 6oz, so it’s only $3.08 for shipping.

If you have any questions about the kits, needle sizes, etc. Let me know. I will be adding such info to the product descriptions this week.

I want to order the Dreamz…will it take forever to ship to Canada? I’ve been waiting for a knitting book from Amazon for weeks and weeks now, and finally, they’re promising it ‘should’ arrive on the 24th of April.

International is tricky and the post office doesn’t give any firm time frames. Instead they say “Varies by Destination”.

That said, we ship internationally via first class mail. We tend to ship quite a few packages to Canada and I haven’t yet had someone inquire about their package being abnormally delayed. If I were to guess, I’d say it takes anywhere from 6 - 10 days. There is no tracking for 1st class.

Recently the US Post Office increased postal rates which included a near doubling of the price of international. We used to be able to ship Denise Needles for about $6, and now it’s about $12. It’s rather unfortunate.

I did post this morning that we are offering a 5% discount on the Knitter’s Pride Interchangeable Sets. If you use the coupon code KPRIDE5 you will get the discount. The coupon expires after Sunday.

Thank you,