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Just kidding… But I am learning to crochet. I will be taking a class in a couple of week to learn to crochet (so excited!!). What hooks (brand names) do you prefer and why? And are there hooks that better than others for beginners (brand name, not size)?

Thanks in advance!

If I were starting a set of hooks, I’d go for the ergonomic ones. Sometimes my hooking hand gets a bit tired and strained.

I prefer the Boye brand of crochet hooks over Susan Bates because it is not as pointy on the hook part. Personal preference though…I know some people who prefer Susan Bates because it IS pointy. I’d say buy the same size in a few different brands, or better yet borrow them from others, and try them out to see what suits you best.

Enjoy your class!


I can’t really comment on hooks because I’m fairly new to crochet too. I just bought a set of crochet hooks in a case so I’d got all the different sizes but since I mainly seem to use a 4mm hook, I’m hankering after one of the Clover ones with the cushioned handle! (Is it sad that I now yearn for comfortable-to-use needles and hooks? I suppose it’s better than not being able to walk past a stationery shop without being compelled to buy some new kind of pen!)

I’ve arranged for someone to do a crochet demonstration at my knitting group next week. 2 of us have taught ourselves but the others want to learn and I’m hoping to get some clarification on how to use the charts!

Good luck with your classes! I’m sure you’ll get it in no time!

I prefer metal over plastic and most of my hooks are Boye’s and my metal hooks are Betsy Ross. Those are the hooks which start at 00 and go up to size 15. There is an article in Talking Crochet with Carol Alexander which talks about hooks and care of your hooks.

Back issues of this free email newsletter can be found at

There are lots of useful info. I especially enjoyed the detailed newsletter about the different joining techniques used in crochet and we even use the mattress stitch.

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That comment and more on your hook choice [B][U][COLOR=“Blue”]are in my post[/COLOR][/U][/B] on the other thread you started.


Metal Susan Bates hooks are the only ones I find to be comfortable. I’ve bought some bamboo ones, but they make me tired! I lost my Bates one time and had a Boye in the same size–I could NOT crochet with it! I had to go out and buy another Bates. There was a thread about favorite hooks a while back. It seems to be a very individual matter. Perhaps it’s the way we hold the hook that makes one more comfortable than another. That was a good suggestion to try borrowing several kinds to see what you like best. Those Addis do look wonderful, though. Let us know what you think!

I learned on Boye (a long, long, LONG time ago - 40 years), but I later “discovered” Susan Bates, and prefer it over Boye. I feel that I have more control with a Bates hook.

Call me silly but I’ll stick to Boye by Wrights. I’m a bit leary of Bates…

Sister Susan with hooks and needles…

Brother Norman with knives and taxidermy…


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ROFL Jack.

I had to read that twice to make sure I got it. (little slow today)