Comfort Shawl


I figure this has probably been around the forum before, but just in case, wanted to post it.

Feather & Fan Comfort Shawl

I’ve been starting and ripping a prayer shawl for my sister over and over since October, but after only about 20 rows of this, I fell totally in love with it and my love grows deeper the more I knit. :slight_smile: It’s easy enough that it’s not driving me insane, but there’s enough of a challenge to make it fun and not much in the pesky purling department. :wink: (The F&F patterns have always had a P row after the F&F row, but this one has K and I LOVE the ridge it makes!)

There is a garter stitch one here from the same designer:

Comfort Shawl

She’s got lots of neato patterns! I was short on my Encore so I picked up Lion Wool Ease on sale at Joann’s to complement because the content is almost identical and it’s coming out just fabulous!!! Just wanted to share! :slight_smile:

It’s so nice to love what you’re knitting! I’m glad you found that pattern.

That is lovely. What colors are you using? :XX:

Those are EXACTLY the patterns I love!! What yarn, please??

well, i’m not done choosing colors yet! not on purpose. i bought 6 skeins of this Lion Wool Ease on sale at Joann
thinking I was doing another shawl, but wound up hating that one. so when i found this pattern, i pulled out the yarn i bought in october to make her shawl, which are both Plymouth Encore, the Candy Cane is their Colorspun (just about the same content. Wool Ease is 80% acrylic 20% wool, Plymouth is 75% acrylic 25% wool): The wool ease is a little more splitty than the encore, but works up just as beautiful, I must say.

and this:

so now i have to go back to joann today to exchange 4 of the pink heather for 2 or 3 more colors, depending on what they have. i’m hoping to find a green and blue to coordinate at the very least. wish me luck! :slight_smile:

Those are EXACTLY the patterns I love!! What yarn, please??[/quote]

The pattern says anything you feel like! Even better! :slight_smile: I think her sample was made with DK wools? (I bet Merino Style would be wicked fabulous) The Wool Ease/Encore combo on US 8 needles is coming out gorgeous so far. It probably could go down to a 7, but I find with the smaller needles the Feather & Fan gets obscured a bit. This really is like the funnest pattern I’ve done in forever, Kelly! I am SO enjoying it, I can’t put it down! I’m all bummed out because I’m stuck until Joann opens so I can get the new colors. I knit until I couldn’t anymore! :wink: It really is magical the way the pattern works too! She’s got this diagram of how it goes and I was like, what?! And I didn’t get it until I was about 20 rows into it and I was like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and it was just fascinating to me. It still is. I keep shifting it to the cable just to see it growing in this magical way! :wink:

And it will be SOFTER on the bigger needles, too!

totally! i am not going to be able to wait until it’s done to post a pic, so i will compromise and wait at least until i have the other colors incorporated. :wink: i just wish i found this sooner. i needed to make the shawl back in october, and now her birthday is tomorrow. as much as i am enjoying knitting it, i don’t think i’ll be done in time! it will hopefully be a birthmas gift at the latest.

p.s. i forgot to include the other link to her site. there are quite a few free patterns in many categories

Free Pattern Index from

I’ve made that one and I used a variegated cotton yarn. I left off the fringe and added a ruffle for a border instead.
It’s definitely a great pattern and works out well in many different types of yarn for sure!

Okay folks, I’m ready for color help now!!!

All of the colors can be viewed here:

Shawl Colors

The only one I’m having second thoughts on is the blue, only because it’s so dark… It matches the blue in the Colorspun perfectly (which you can’t see in the picture), so what I’m thinking of doing is making the Colorspun and the pale pink the “master” colors, since I have 400 yards of each and only 200 of the others, and letting the colorspun decide my next colors. Like now, I started with the pale pink, then did the colorspun, which went from pale pink to yellow, so I will do the mauve and the yellow, that kind of thing… We’ll see.

Tell me what you think though please!!! This must be a masterpiece for my dear sister. She is so special to me and I want it to be gorgeous!!!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

That sounds like a good plan… I love that blue! :XX:

I love your choices, too. I think it’s great idea to follow the colorspun with whatever color will blend best. Can’t wait to see the result of all this fun knitting!

I’m having a blast going through all those patterns. Wowsers! :shock: :smiley: