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Shaun the Sheep and the Woolly Jumper - [COLOR=Blue]sorry, it seems you can’t view the video from the US but I’m not sure what it is that you CAN see - might be worth a peep though.[/COLOR]

Well, it’s one way of keeping the kids occupied while you run their evening bath.


The BBC Worldwide site is saying that CBeebies - children’s programmes -are to be rolled out globally - (should think so, too!)
so, with any luck, it shouldn’t be too long before you can access Shaun the Sheep.

BBC America has some Dr. Who, Torchwood and a trailer from Jekyll with James Nesbit. Just hit videos on the top of the page to see all that’s potting there.

Very sorry again, folks.

Aw, man, it says the video is restricted to UK users only. Bummer. I love Wallace & Gromit!

That bites, I love them! :doh:

Oh No! - I’m [U]so[/U] sorry.

What a pain! Miserable b*ggers at the BBC! :verysad:

Hmm - I’ll have a think - and very sorry again.

Actually it was hilarious. The kidlets and I explored and tried to find a way to “by-pass” the system.

When my Dh got up (works nights) my son greeted him with, “Hi Dad, we’re moving to Britain!”

My Dh: “Uh? Why?”

My Son: “We-ell, there is this really cool computer thing and you can’t see it unless you live there… so-ooo… we’re moving!”


Hi Songbirdy

It’s good to know you got a good laugh out of it, anyway.:teehee:

I’ve updated my original post - it seems that the BBC is planning to rollout Children’s Programmes globally - so I hope your little ones will be able to watch Shaun very soon.

Awwww so cute! I’m going to have to watch that with my son :yay: