Combining two different stitch patterns



Hi everyone.

I’m planning to knit a toddler blanket for my son. I’ve been searching everywhere but I can’t seem to find anything that states how to combine a pattern that says it’s first row is it’s right side with another pattern that says it’s first row is it’s wrong side so both patterns show on the same side. I was wondering if knitting or purling an additional row after the last row of the first pattern would allow me to transition to the second pattern? The first pattern is only going to be a border at the top of the blanket. The rest of the blanket will be done in the fluffy brioche stitch.

Here are the two patterns I’m wanting to combine:

Thanks in advance for your help.


That’s going to be a very pretty combination. I’ve worked the Fluffy Brioche baby blanket and it’s a lovely pattern for a really soft, cushy blanket.
Yes, add in an extra row at the transition to get to either the RS or WS to combine these patterns.
A lifeline is very helpful with the brioche pattern as it can be tricky to correct mistakes. Enjoy!


Thanks salmonmac. Would it be better to knit or purl a row since the wrong side of the first pattern ends with a row that is made mostly of knits?


That’s really a matter of preference. See what you think will look best after working the first pattern.