Combing sport and Arab weight yarn

I knitted this baby sweater in garter stitch using a yellow Aran weight yarn and white sport yarn held together. Combining the weights produced a yarn with a nice soft texture that also feels thick and warm. I thought I had missed a few stitches and pulled them through to the wrong side. After blocking and drying the sweater I noticed a lot of yellow yarn sticking out of the sweater on the right side. Are these missed stitches? If I frog this sweater and make a new one knit top down in stockinette stitch will I avoid these yellow stitches poking through? Would using a slightly thicker white yarn decrease the possibility of dropping stitches. 16409340285453697677302346987016|1200x900

In some cases it may be sts that were worked with one yarn and not the double strand. I’m wondering about the actual yarns that were used however. It may be that they needed to be washed or blocked differently.
What yarns did you use?

Are they wool or synthetic? Something else I don’t know what the loops are but it might be horrible to frog :frog: if they are natural fibres and you have blocked it already.

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Okay apparently on my phone I can zoom in on the photo, it baby chenille or sometimes called velvet yarn and an acrylic? It looks like it could be not knitting both yarns with each stitch but perhaps it is the tensioning of the two together?
Do you have any left could you swatch it a each what happens.

I used Naptime Siesta by Lion Brand held together with Premier Yarns Cotton Fair Solids. The Naptime Siesta is 100% polyester. The Cotton Fair is all cotton. I like the Siesta, do I have to combine it with a polyester yarn?

I swatched it in stockinette stitch and the swatch looks good. The swatch matched the guage of the pattern, but the pattern required knitting all the pieces and then stitching them together. Any ideas for a sweater for a 2-3 year old knit top down in stockinette that would work with these two yarns held together? I used a size 9 needle for the ribbing and a size 10 for the body of the sweater.

I don’t think that the Lion Brand yarn works and plays well with other fibers. You might try a swatch with a polyester but why not use the Siesta by itself?
If you do a Ravelry search you can specify sweater for a 2-3 year old in an aran weight or about 18sts/4inches like this one.
You can narrow the search down by the gender and amount of yarn on hand if you wish.

I have knit two simple sweaters for kids one was side to side garter stitch and the other top down, they were worn by my kids at 9 months and 4 years so it might take me a bit to dig around.
I worked on straight wood needles never very small back then; kids now 12/15

Update on aran yarn baby sweater:
Thanks for all the feedback. I did a swatch in stockingnet stitch and it came out really nice with no yellow yarn pulling through. So I started over using stockingnet and I’ve been careful to make sure I pick up both the white and yellow yarns of each stitch.


That looks wonderful! It really is a darling sweater.
I have to ask. Did the swatch look good after washing?

I really like the effect of the two yarns, I’ve never done this.
Looking good.

That’s very sweet! Nice the details show more too!