Combined ribbing in the round

I knit combined and I’m attempting to do ribbing in the round. For obvious reasons this twists my stitches. I’ve never bothered doing anything about it before now but it seems silly to keep doing it wrong. Of course, twisting stitches isn’t always wrong. But since I don’t want them to be twisted, in this case, it’s wrong. :slight_smile: I’ve found that googling the issue hasn’t giving me a 100% satisfactory answer. Perhaps my google-fu is weak. A previous post in this forum stated that purling through the back loop will solve the issue. My question, then, is in which direction the yarn should be wrapped? When knitting combined in the round, the yarn needs to be wrapped clockwise to compensate for the lack of purling. Is it simply a case of wrapping the knits counter clockwise, the purls clockwise (as usual with combined knitting) and just purling through the back loops or does the wrapping need to be changed in a different way?

Edited to add: I think my google-fu is indeed weak. Linked as a similar post after I posted my topic was this: in which a comment by fluffybunny lead me to the idea of Eastern Uncrossed. A detailed guide with videos can be found here:

I really like this method far better. Somewhat because it is said to be faster and easier (although that can really vary by person) but mostly because nothing needs to be changed between flat or circular. I’ll be giving this a try.

Sorry for posting and then answering my own question, but hopefully this may be helpful to anyone else seeking the same answer.

[COLOR=“SeaGreen”]Edited again one day later[/COLOR]: I’ve been doing the Eastern uncrossed method for about a day now. Purling through the back loop regularly took only a little bit of getting used to. I find the method to be easy with the type of even stitches that I find usually characterises my knitting when I knit combined. I find that the way my stitches always lean the same way to make for very intuitive knitting. Eastern uncrossed officially has my personal vote for the MVM award (most valuable method.) :wink:

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It’s a good topic and sounds like a good answer. Let us know how it turns out.

That’ll work.

When I do ribbing in the round, I wrap knit toward the work, or overhand, or clockwise, the way she does, and purls the opposite way, from the outside of the needle toward the work. The stitch mount alternates. Ive gotten used to doing it that way and it’s pretty fast.

Thank you for the replies. :slight_smile: I have edited the post again with a follow-up.