Combined knitting?

Anyone familiar with combined knitting? I went to Anne’s website for the instructional videos and was disappointed. They are not as nice and detailed as the videos on this website. Has anyone bought her book? Could someone just give me basics? I think somehow I’ve learned the combined knitting method without realizing.

thank you,

Amy has a video on combined knitting:

I knit combined - that is how I learned almost 40 years ago and how I still knit.

I do adjust sometimes like when I knit in the round but when I knit on straight needles it is always combined.

I guess I confused the directions when I learned so long ago. I’m right-handed, so instead of throwing with my right-hand, I learned to use my right forefinger to lift the yarn over the needle when knitting, as though I’m picking. The directions were for Continental, but I was so dumb, I couldn’t imagine they meant to do it LEFT-HANDED!! Now I’ve been knitting the REAL continental way for about 3 months, so I can learn to do colorwork two-handed, but I don’t thin my guage will ever be as nice and smooth as my “English picking” way. I got a DVD of Elizabeth Zimmerman–THE KNITTING WORKSHOP- and she nearly insists that you learn Continental-or German knitting. Then whenyou do colorwork–you can use both hands. English is the easiest for me when I pick or lift my forefinger, instead opf throw, to put the yarn over the needle–so that’s the way I’ll do it. I still will knit Conti some, so I don’t lose what I’ve learned so far maybe one day I’ll be able to do both equally well.

Good luck in learning it–O hope you can do a better job than i!:nails: