Combined Knitting

I’m considering giving this a whirl on my next project, but I can’t seem to get started, only because I don’t know how to work the first row using the combined method? I did the cable cast on, but the stitches are oriented for “normal” knitting, not for combined. The first row is 1x1 ribbing, so do I twist the stitches before I purl them? Just curious as to how to get going?!

To get started doing the combined purling there is no need for any fancy setup: simply insert your needle as you would for “normal” purling, but wrap the yarn CLOCKWISE around the needle instead of the usual counterclockwise. This will twist the stitch and you are all ready for “full” combined purling on the next row.

BTW, are you working in the round or flat? Either is do-able, but flat requires a bit more thought/fiddling. I will be happy to share if you want me too…

Hope that helps!

:smiley: I keep thinking about giving it a try on my next project, too…then, I remember I was going to try it about 1/2 way into the project :rollseyes:

Well it looks the same once the project is completed, so go ahead and try it! I think the first time I tried it I started in the middle of a ribbed sock - I see no difference between the top and bottom (and can’t tell where I switched).

Clue me in, what’s combined knitting???


Scroll down to the combined knitting section.