Combined knitting ITR and 2x2 ribbing

Well… I’m gonna try it! I’ve done combined knitting on straight needles for 2x2 ribbing. Thanks to Amy’s videos, Annie Modesitt’s site, NonaKnits, and Grumperina, I think I’ve figured out what to do.

[color=indigo]For those of you who already do 2x2 rib combined knitting in the round, please verify what I’ve learned:[/color]
On the 2nd row of 2x2 rib (2nd row of combined knitting), I purl the twisted st tbl wrapping clockwise (to keep it twisted), correct? Going through the back loop and wrapping clockwise will 1) correct the mount of the st sliding off the needle; and 2) twist the loop that gets pulled through with the right needle tip.

If this works, I will be excited :happydance: because, no matter how tightly I purl the 1st st after the two knit sts, that 2nd knit st still looks loose to me. The sweater I’m working on now calls for 2x2 ribbing at the waist, so it needs to look good!

You’re correct. Because the leading leg is to the rear, you must purl through the back loop. Wrapping clockwise will keep the leading leg to the rear.

And yes, combined knitting makes neater ribbing. :smiley:

I think you’ve hit all the web resources out there on combined knitting. A good print resource is Anna Zilboorg’s Knitting for Anarchists.

[color=indigo]Thanks!![/color] After getting your reply, I did the ribbing in the combined way and it looked correct. :happydance: One little trick I happened upon by accident was tugging my left needle forward and my right needle backward between the two purl sts after having done the first purl st the combined way. I started to do this because I noticed that the first purl st had excess yarn. Tugging it evened it out nicely.

Thanks again! :thumbsup: