Combined Knitting is Da Bomb Diggity!

I’m newly in love! I started combined purling on my most recent mostly-stockinette project and knitting through the back loop on the other side. I :heart: it!

Purling this way is much more comfortable for me and faster than traditional continental purling. And my knitting is much more uniform. Check it out!

My ribbing looks a lot neater than it usually does:

Here’s the whole piece right side up:

And here’s where the magic is…this is a close up of the purl side.

Look how even it is! No “rowing out”–which I usually have a big problem with. Yay!

I know combined knitting has its limits, but I’m loving it for stockinette. And so far, when increases or decreases are concerned, it’s been pretty easy for me to adjust the either the decrease or re-orient the stitch before I work it. Woot! :teehee:

Just thought I’d share :hug:

(Apologies for the poor detail in the pictures…my knitting obsession is driving me to save up for a much better digicam. Unfortunately that savings keeps turning into yarn stash! :doh: :teehee: )

I am totally with you on combined purling… I just learned how to do continental knitting, and just naturally did combined, but didn’t know why my stitches were backwards…then saw the combined video. I wanted to learn conti knitting because I am so slow. I am used to holding yarn with the left though because I have always crocheted.
Only I can’t rib this way…which is one of the reasons I wanted to learn. If my knitting is slow, my ribbing is like a giant tortoise’s speed…

And my conti purling (the normal way) is as slow as the english way. I can’t wait to get into some stockinette with the combined method, but I have this garter stitch project to finish, and then my next thing has a sideways knitted ribbed band…

Is there a trick to ribbing the combined way? When I try it I get confused with the way the stitches look…I don’t have any problems knitting through the back of the stitches when doing plain stockinette.

Do you know if there is video of combined ribbing? I could only see one for purling, knitting, stockinette.

I didn’t see any videos for ribbing, I just went for it. I did exactly the same as stockinette essentially–combined purl the purls, and knit through the back loop all the knits. It took a few rows for it to actually start looking like ribbing.

Did the stitches look different on the needle? I found I couldn’t as easily recognise when I was up to a purl or a knit, I was doing a 3 by 4 rib pattern, and kept stuffing it up. Perhaps I should practise 1 by 1 first?

I didn’t have too much trouble telling what was what, but I also kept a vague count going (since it was an easy 2x2 rib)…so if I questioned what I saw I’d just go with whatever my count said was next.

Maybe an even rib as practice would help. Good luck!

Thanks. :eyebrow:

That looks really great!
I started out knitting in the combined way, and didn’t even realize it for a couple weeks because I am mainly self taught. For Stockinette, I really love combined knitting, it’s so much faster for me!

i am a fairly new “convert” and also SO IN LOVE! I HATED ribbing until I learned combined! I got to meet Annie Modesitt this month too!!! :slight_smile:

You got to meet Annie Modesitt AND Berocco sent you a buttload of yarn to triple test an awesome pattern?? Boy…you’re on somebody’s good boy list :noway:

How on earth do I get on that list too… let me know your secrets :pray:

i just whine a lot. works every time. :wink: seriously, though, annie was at the original sew and quilt expo, which is still going on at various places in the country, at least I think. I had to get up REALLY EARLY (9 a.m.) to get there on time to meet her. :wink:

and p.s. i did a gauge swatch in the alpaca today and since learning combined knitting, my stockinette stitch absolutely tickles me to death. i told a knitter friend i won the nobel prize for stockinette this afternoon. :wink:


BTW–whenever I read your screenname I start singin’. In my head it sounds as lovely as Tori…my dog disagrees :ick: :zombie:

I naturally did combined knitting at first also… but I swithced to regular when I did my first hat to because I wanted to make sure I could… I have to say, that trying regular contintal purling first, before I did combined, I had an awful time of it… I just could not grab the yarn… but after doing a full k2 p2 scarf in combined, I tried regular continental…and after a few rows I was ribbing just as fast that way as I was with combined! I think its a matter of your left hand figuring out where to hold the yarn and when to tilt it down a bit … then muscle memory takes over