Combined knitting in the round?

Hiya. I have recently developed the dreaded loose-knit-stitch-before-purl disease. (Yeah, yeah, maybe it’s been there all along and I’ve only recently noticed it, but let’s pretend, OK? :whistle: ) Trying to knit tighter actually made it worse, but switching to combined knitting does work… when knitting flat.

[B][COLOR=“Navy”]So now, here’s the rub: what if I want to do a 2x2 rib in the round? How does one purl into a twisted purl stitch? [/COLOR][/B]


You have to purl into the back of it! :slight_smile: Just as if you were going to
knit into the back loop if doing it flat, you have to do your purl
through the back loop. I find it a bit annoying so I always just
switch back to “regular” knitting when I am ribbing in the round. I
have read however that some people go ahead and just make the
stitches twisted when doing ribbing with combination knitting because
it can make a tighter rib. I am planning on trying this on my next
project with ribbing! :slight_smile:


Ick! That’s exactly the answer I didn’t want to hear!

Unless I hear some other magical answer, I think I’ll try twisting my purl stitches and see how it turns out. It’ll only be the fourth time I’ve completely frogged this particular pair of socks and started over because the pattern didn’t match the yarn!


once you get the hang of it, it is just as easy to purl through the back loop as it is to knit into the back loop…just takes a little getting used to.

If it’s something that won’t be reversible or flipped up (as in a hat brim) I figured out a way to fix it. Since one of the stitches (purl) remains twisted throughout it looks less nice on the back.

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