Combined Knitting for a Dummy

OK, I’m trying to get a handle on what combined knitting is and/or isn’t but don’t want to hijack the thread I was reading and got side tracked to combined knitting from. From what I’ve read and pictures I’ve looked at, it seems that the only thing different from what I’m already doing is the direction the yarn wraps around the needle when making the stitches resulting in twisted stitches on the right needle. Am I even warm? Is this the same as the tip for ribbing I read elsewhere (I’m thinking it was about a 3x2 rib but I’m not sure) to get the stitches to look right? I want to try it but want to know if I’ve got the right idea first. Thanks for any help and info.

That’s pretty much the difference, mainly wrapping the purls backwards, but you knit into the back leg on the next row to prevent the sts from being twisted. The knits are wrapped the same as standard english or continental, so when working in the round in stockinette, you don’t need to ktbl. When doing ribbing, it’s said to be easier and result in a more even tension. If the back leg/front leg thing confuses you, just remember to work into the leg closest to the needle tip to keep the sts untwisted.

OK. I think I can do this. I was confused about the knit stitch, now I think I have it. If I can’t seem to make it work, I’ll ask again. :slight_smile:

There’s another tutorialwith a video, and I think our purl page here has a combined video too.

I’m a part-time combination knitter, meaning I use this method when I’m doing lots of stockinette stitch because it’s easier on my hands (especially the purling). But then I switch back to the “regular” way of knitting when I have lots of increases and decreases to do, such as for lace. Since patterns aren’t usually written for combination knitting, I find it easier to follow the written patterns if I just do what it says rather than translating to combination!

Good luck!