Combination Knitting HELP!

I’ve watched the videos OVER AND OVER so I know I’m casting on correctly… (continental or long tail cast). And according to the videos I’m also doing the knit and purl stitches correctly (for the combination method). BUUUUUTTTT… here’s where the trouble comes in. On the first stitch of each row it doesn’t look right… it’s loose. What am I doing wrong? I’ve HEARD you’re supposed to flip the stitch or something like that but I don’t know what that means. I’m so new to this but I REALLY want to learn this method.

It’s going to be loose, don’t panic. Knit a couple more rows and it’s won’t seem so bad. The technique is not `flipping’ the stitch, but slipping it - move from the left needle to the right without knitting it. I don’t find that works for me, so I just knit the stitch, pull the yarn a little bit and make the next stitch. It takes some practice to get the stitches even, so just keep knitting and don’t worry about it for now.

I agree with suzeeq.

I combination knit often when I’m knitting flat. I’ve not noticed that my first stitch is loose. I also do not typically slip the first stitch of a row I’m knitting.

The other thing you might be confused on with the “flipping” is that when you’re combination knitting, your knit stitches will end up twisted (or in a different orientation than regular knitting). So, if you’re slipping the stitch “knit wise,” then you’ll be slipping it through the back loop.