After I have finished my current WIP I will be starting the Sydvester sweater by ANKESTRiCK. Although I’ve been knitting for many years this will be my first attempt at all over colourwork. But the first stitch puzzles me! After casting on and knitting a few rounds with your main colour you knit the first set up row using the contrast colour with a slp2 wyib. When you have not yet joined your contrast colour how do you slip stitches with the contrast yarn at the back of the work? I’m presuming you weave in the contrast yarn at the end of the previous round?

Are you possibly knitting sts with the contrast color and slipping the main color sts? It may help if you quote just the first row or two with the contrast color. (Not a large portion of the pattern due to copyright please.)

You cast on with the main colour and knit two rounds (placing your markers on the second round) - its top down with a rolled over neckline. You then start the pattern as follows: Rnd 1 (CC): [slp2 wyb, sl1YO, slp1 wyb, k1] repeat to end.
Rnd 2 (MC): [k2, brk1, k1, slp1 wyb] repeat to end.
Rnd 3-8: repeat rnds 1+2 3 times

Hold the CC yarn in back in readiness to yarn over. Yes, the CC yarn isn’t attached to anything but you’re holding it to the back and you’ll eventually weave it in to secure it.
It seems as though there should be a bit more explanation but probably because round 1 is repeated (by which time the yarn is already attached) there isn’t.

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Many thanks for your help as always Salmonac. Fingers crossed I’ve picked a good pattern as my first attempt at colourwork!

You’re welcome. Oh, I think this is an excellent pattern to choose. Ankestrick is a very careful and creative designer and slip stitch is a good introduction to colorwork. Enjoy working it!

As an alternative option, maybe you can weave in as you knit to attach the CC? So several stitches before using it begin to weave it in behind the work then it isnattached and ready in advance and no need to weave in a tail later.
Just a thought.

Nice jumper, hope we get to see it.