Colours, and how to use them?

Hello there…

I am going to do my first chart pattern, changing colours. I have picked something I hope isn’t too complicated, in the sense that it is just a background colour and a pattern colour. I understand how to read a pattern, I have worked many a cross stitch, etc.

I have viewed the videos on intarsia and fair isle knitting and have the general idea…However…I am confused as to what happens when you have a gap of more than 5 stitches. Does one need to start a new thread?? How exactly do you bridge the gap??

Also, what if you are knitting in the round?? One can not just carry the wool back and forth as one does with straight needles?? I am a little lost.

I guess the BIG question here…is how and where do I start when learning to use a chart? :shrug:

This is a video on two handed fair isle. It also shows how to carry the yarn across long gaps. Even if you choose to hold both yarns in one hand the same method applies.

Use IE to view it.

I don’t think you can do intarsia in the round. You might make something seamless, but you would have to knit back and forth turning at a place where you twist.

For a pattern where you carry both yarns, and you have one color for more than 5 stitches you will probably want to weave the other color in the back. You don’t start a new thread. Here is some information from Knit Picks you might find helpful:

Color Knitting