When knitting a hat with circular kneedles, (doing a knit stich!) how do I add colour? I need to do four rows of a diffrent colour and I don’t know how to add the black colour to the blue. Please help!

To change colors you just start knitting with the new one. You can cut the old yarn and weave it in at the end. :thumbsup:

You might need to be a bit more specific about that.

Okay, not quite sure what you need, but here you go.

Here are some links to other ways to join a new color yarn. Personally I usually just start knitting with the new yarn, but different projects sometimes allow or require you to do something different. Scroll down a bit here -

The duplicate stitch join on that page also is good for weaving in ends and it’s what I do normally.

Along with what Jan posted, doing stripes in the round usually causes ‘jogs’ where the stripes don’t align (at color changes). You’ll need to anticipate this. (There are a couple of techniques for eliminating the jogs.)


I use a slip knot to tie the new color to the existing one and start knitting with it. If you’re only going to do a round or two with the new color you don’t even need to break the old one, just carry it up each round.