Colour work pattern confusion

Hi, first time poster so thanks advance
I am knitting the Eleonora Wristwarmers by MilliaMia and it was going fine until I got to the colourwork section.
The pattern includes a chart and I have knitted the first two rows (edge, 14 stitch repeat, edge) knitting odd and purling even rows.
There are then some written instructions to increase the number of stitches, but I just can’t understand.
I have 59 stitches on my needles and at the end of the 20 row chart I should have 77 stitches.

  1. k2, [pattern rep]x4, k1
  2. p1, [pattern rep]x4, p2
  3. k1, m1, patt to last st, m1, k1
  4. p2, patt to last 2 st, p2
  5. k2, m1, patt to last 2 st, m1, k2
  6. p3, patt to last 3 st, p3
    Cont to inc in this way on every right side

I’ve tried a couple of different things but the pattern isn’t right and now I’m completely muddled.
I don’t understand where the increases (make one) fit into the pattern. And when it says ‘to last st’ is that on every repeat? Or just at the edge?
Its probably very straightforward but would anyone be able to clarify and put it in terms I may understand better please?

Welcome to KH!

You’re knitting the thumb gusset. It a bit unusual way to work the gusset seam which appears to be at the ends of the row. It may make it easier to work if you put a marker on the pattern sts with the 2 increases outside of the markers.
When the pattern says “to the last st” it means to the last stitch of the row which is the edge stitch. The last two sts would be to the 2sts before the edge and so on.

The increases will bump out the thumb on each side. The seam will be up the middle of the thumb.