Colour combinations

What are your favourite colour combinations for adult hats? I have deep purple in my stash. Would prefer blues. Would be nice to have two colours for a few stripes. I am thinking slouch hats may be nice. I think they could use them like that or tighter with the brim.

Dark purple and teal, grey and a colour, pastels on a dark background?

I may have a bit of teal to go with my purple.
I never thought of gray. Good colour for a guy.

These are fun to play with! The one I used to use is no longer available apparently so I’ll have to find a new one, but here’s a start.

Jan, so much fun playing around with colors at these sites… Thanks for the links.

Thanks Jan! This looks fun!

Loved the purple hat with teal stripes! Thanks!
Will post a pix once threads weaved in.