would you do this?

This was my first attempt at colorwork:

I had a really hard time deciding whether it should be done as all intarsia – so I ended up doing kind of a hybrid of intarsia and fair isle. Is that totally unheard of?

For the largest area I twisted the yarn a la intarsia, but also carried the background color behind it to avoid joining a third ball of yarn. It seemed to work okay, but I’m wondering what the pitfalls (if any) are to doing it that way.

I have a few other letters of the alphabet I’ve charted and I guess I’m just looking for a little feedback before I attempt them! Thanks! :??

i think it looks FABULOUS!!! :cheering:

notice I didn’t say “fabulous for your first attempt”… i think it’s fabulous without a qualifier! WAY TO GO!

Make me a HVK, okay? :smiley:

Awwww, thanks! Should I show you the back now?? It’s horrendous! :rollseyes:

I would like to see that back cause I was have a problem with the letters my self a couple months ago and I didn’t think it was right I would like to see the back that is if you don’t mind Jenifer

Okay…but don’t say I didn’t warn you…it’s NOT pretty… :shock: :shock: :shock:

(The bottom, that is. Once I got into a groove, it started looking not so ugly. But I still felt very green, like I was totally winging it. I watched the videos like 1000 times trying to figure out if I was doing it right!) :oops:

Well, fair isle and intarsia usually look funky in the back. What’s wrong with yours? It’s not like people are going to SEE the back.