Colorwork Decreases

Hi there!
So I am currently working on making a pair of these mittens for my mom. I decided after making the first one, that I don’t like the top, and that I want to make a more rounded mitten top by doing decreases evenly throughout the stitches like you would decrease for a hat. However, to do that, I have to alter the colorwork to fit with the new decreases, and I am getting a headache trying to figure out how to do it :frowning: I’m not even sure how to describe what is difficult about this, so I hope someone can still help me. I just don’t know how I need to change the chart so the picture will still line up the right way after I change where the decreases go. Does that make sense?
I hope someone can help! thank you so much!

Rather than do that I would adjust the decreases around the edges with k3tog or stacking k2togs.

For example take two more squares off each side of the top row. One more off each side of the next row. One more off each side of the next row. Add one square to the white row above the red squares. So it ends up something like this.

That makes it rounder and doesn’t mess with any of the picture.

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Great, thank you! I’ll give this a shot!