Colorway conundrum

I’m planning on knitting a shawl for my mother for her birthday next month. The pattern calls for Hand Maiden Sea Silk (it’s from a luxury yarn book) and only uses one skein, thank heavens!
My problem is this: all the colors look too pretty to choose just one! How do you decide on which colors to use for a shawl? I want it to go with more than just one outfit, but don’t want a blah neutral color.
I’ll probably knit one for myself too, so that makes two hard decisions!,shop.yarn_flypage/product_id,1616/category_id,/option,com_phpshop/

As you can see, WAY too many yummy colors!

Are you going for dark or light? I like Forest, Safari and Straw. Good luck choosing. Which shawl are you making?


Glacier (Yummmm!), Peridot or Boreal!!! That would be my vote!

Let us know what you pick and what pattern you’re making, please!


It would really depend on your mother’s coloring and skin tone. Plus, her preference of colors. I’m a red head who looks great in earth tones and jewel tones, just don’t put me in anything pastel. Try to base your choice on that sort of girlie thing. :wink:

Or you could substitute another tencel silk blend and probably save a bundle.

I wish I could post a link to the pattern, but it’s from a book…101 Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders. The pattern is called Blossom Silk-Seacell Shawl and calles for the [COLOR=“Magenta”]Rose Garden [/COLOR]colorway. Since my mother is a summer (dark blond, brilliant blue eyes, fair skin) I like that color as well as most of the summery florals, like Wildflower, Fleur, Cornflower, Lily Pond, etc. I’m just so terrible at figuring out what colors go together (ex. yellow & cornflower), I’m still stuck in a matching frame of mind (ex. red & red). Does that makes sense?
If I’m successful in getting this done in time for her b-day, I’ll reward myself with the Storm Water shawl (same link) in Glacier. Here’s hoping!

You can see a pic of the shawl here on ravelry

I love the Ocean and Nova Scotia colorways…though they are ALL very pretty!

I think the Cornflower would go with her hair and it has a hint of blue for the eyes.

If you’re having trouble deciding what colors would look good together you can try a color wheel?
You could go with complementary/opposite colors like yellow & violet or green & red. Then there’s triadic colors which are 3 colors that form a triangle, such as; green, violet, & orange. This is a website that explains color harmonies.

Ooooh, I [I]like[/I] that idea!

Placed an order today for the Sea Silk yarn. Got 1 skein each of Melon and Autumn,pale and 2 skeins of Glacier. The Melon will be for my mother’s shawl. Can’t wait for it to get here!

Thanks for all your advice and input! It really helped. :slight_smile: