Colors knitting

please help me with colors knitting:

  1. if i start to knit with many colors (like making vertical stripes scarf, color, let’s say: black, grey, white, black grey, white, and so-on…) from the beginning, what the best cast on i can use?

2.If other case when i’m going to make ‘picture’ in the middle of of my project…should i add colors in the beginning?or just in the middle of the project? (should be in the middle of the project, shouldn’t it?)

3.If i’m going to use fair isle/stranded (for small motifs), should i cast on all the colors or just added when i’m going to start the colors and continue working with fair isle technique and stranded…

thank you all

  1. If you want to make a scarf with vertical stripes, then a knitted cast-on is best. This way the colors are connected. You’ll have ends to weave, but that’s the curse of any color work. Knitting it horizontally is a good option, too–cast on lots of stitches on a long circular needle, knit a stripe of color, change yarns, knit the next, etc.

  2. You start the new color when you start the motif for intarsia.

  3. Same with stranded. You start the new color at the beginning of the row in which it’s used.