Colorful Felted Shoulder Bag

I felt like making a felted bag so much weeks ago and I made one eventually. I used up some of my left over wool yarn to make this shoulder bag. No specific pattern to follow, I just make it up while I knitted along. I made two straps from the side of the bag, crocheted the edge. Then felted the bag in my kitchen sink! haha~ Using super hot water alternating with frozen cold water. The bag turned out felted nicely as I want. I tied a knot at the strap after the bag was dried. I also lined this bag with a sweet blue cotton fabric and it was the very first time I made a lining for a bag. Its definitely a good tutorial. I had so much fun cutting the fabric, hand-sewed it slowly and patiently. And also, first time I put on a magnetic snap. I really enjoy making this bag. :blooby:

Very nice! I love the colors. :thumbsup:

Great work! I really liked the colors you chose, and it’s cool that you improvised the pattern!!

Beautiful! You did a lovely job of finishing it, too!

Stupendous and love the lining and such. It looks great!

That is a fantastic bag. I’m very impressed by the lining. I’ve been knitting up a storm, but I can’t for the life of me sew.

That bag is awesome!! :notworthy:

Love the colors, and I love the way you made the handle, with that little touch of red at the ends. And the lining!
What a great bag!

What a cute bag! You were very creative with the handles and the lining! :thumbsup:

Great job! I love that lining. Did you find instructions online somewhere for the lining?

Nice work…the bag turned out really nice. Way to go!!


Looks great! I know you will enjoy using and getting all the compliments you are sure to receive :thumbsup:

That’s a great bag!

Ya, I learned to make the lining from this tutorial! Easy to understand! =) http://

Your should be proud. The bag came out great. Your lining is so neat. Yup, a gold star for you for sure! Love knotting the handles idea!

Darling! Thanks for the tutorial link!

Great job! The colors of the bag work so nicely together and the lining is super. Thanks for the link. I am making a bag for a friend of mine and the liner would add a really nice touch! :happydance:

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkgreen]Great job on the bag.:thumbsup: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

That’s a beautiful bag! Great job!

That’s a very pretty bag! I just love the lining!