Colored my hair

I said to hubby, “I’m not going for subtle”. I think I got what I asked for. This is L’Oreal Color Rays in Fuchia. :zombie: What do you think? I think it’s going to take some getting used to, but man, I love how it turned out!

[B][COLOR=red]Way[/COLOR][/B] cool color! Did you just do the front? Looks great! I color my hair often… not much lately. I have had it done a cool auburn/purply type color a few years back and I loved it!

Thank you. I did mostly in the front/top. A little underneath around my ears and neck too. That stuff rocks… easy to work with, although I had to clear out my bathroom before starting… everything (rugs, towels, etc) is white in there. LOL

I know what you mean about clearing the bathroom. While mine is not white, I always leave a little color somewhere that needs to be cleaned up off of that tub or the sink. Not caused any stains yet, knock on wood. I do have a t-shirt that is devoted to wearing whenever I color my hair. Hmmm, you have put the bug in me to find a new color for the fall! :slight_smile:

that looks GREAT!!! :happydance:
one of these days i want to try something similar with purple. it’s been a dream of mine for years to have purple hair. one day… :slight_smile:

It looks awesome!!!

I’m a natural blond just recently colored my hair an auburn/reddish color. It’s definitely different, but something about the reddish color makes me feel. . . kinda. . . saucy?? :teehee:

Very switched on baybee!
Although, I find myself really looking at your “come hither” stare:teehee:. Bet you get hubbo to do lots of things with that look…:eyebrow: You should be a model

i love it silver! looks great on you!

I like it too! I think maybe Amy should have a calendar with anti-stereotype for knitting ladies and you should be on the front page!

suits you well … good job!

I love it! :yay:

grrl… looks like the color’s right for your skin tone. It needs something… maybe darkening the uncolored portion to glam up the pink. You could do anything to your hair and still be beautiful!

LOVE it! You always look gorgeous but that is so fun.

How cute! It looks great on you!

It looks awesome!

:inlove::cheering:I love it! looks good!

yep, clearing the bathroom - I know how that goes, I manage to get a few ltitle spots on the wall and sink, and I never see them until they’re partially dried. speaking of which, I need to do mine this weekend, I have roots showing.

Thank you so much everyone. This is taking some getting used to. Every time I look in the mirror, I’m like “EEEP! What did you do to your HAIR?” Then I go “hey, that looks pretty cool!” I think that’s normal… right? Tell me I’m normal…

I can get him to do [I]some [/I]things, but it’s still difficult to get him to open the wallet. sigh And thank you so much, but trust me, I can not be a model with [I]this[/I] butt. :ick:

LOL I was already getting double takes when I tell people I’m a knitting teacher. Silly muggles… they have NO idea.

gasp Glam it up MORE? I thought this was crazy enough? :teehee:

I showed a pic to my sister. She lives in Atlanta, but will be down her this weekend for her wedding reception party. She said “Great. Right before you meet my in-laws. I guess WE ARE the weird ones.” :roflhard:

Four words… Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
Great for counter tops. :thumbsup:

I think it is beautiful! Great color choice!

It looks awesome!

I want to do something like that, but I promised DH no more hair dying till all the past colors have grown out.